Chamilia Beads Are Classic And Beautiful.

In 2002, the Chamilia company, the makers of Chamilia beads,  was founded. Today, the company offers more than 600 beads and that is not all that distinguishes them from the rest. There are Chamilia Disney beads which are authentic and sold by no one else but Chamilia. The fine materials are also a selling point, as many Chamilia beads are made from gold, silver, art glass, gems and more.

All you need to design the charm bracelet of your dreams is a base bracelet, your preferred beads, a lock to keep the beads from falling off the bracelet and a clasp.

Popular Chamilia Beads Collections

Chamilia BeadsThere are so many Chamilia beads choices that their website cannot show them all, so they put them in downloadable PDF format. They are arranged in categories such as style, theme, color and series. One collection is called crystals and stones, where you will find birthstone charms and beads, silver beads accented with crystal and/or cubic zirconium and even Swarovski crystal adorned beads. There are countless choices in this single collection alone. If you like things that sparkle and glitter you will love the beads in this colorful range.

The Chamilia Disney beads collection is definitely worth a mention. This collection has all your favorite characters done in sterling silver. Choose from beads like Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell and much more. You will also find the Cinderella slipper, the pumpkin carriage, Disney castle and more. Even new characters like Nemo are available. There is something for everyone no matter which Disney character or movie is your favorite.

Using Chamilia Beads To Express Your Individuality

Disney Chamilia Beads CollectionEnamel charms are a big part of the bead selection from Chamilia beads. These charms are done in silver with enamel accents, they represent a diverse range of items. For example you will find a beach ball, cupcake, Easter egg, popcorn bucket, glittery purse and more. These are great for expressing your individuality in a colorful way. There are also symbols like hearts and abstract works with enamel adornments.

Other types of Chamilia beads include Murano Art Glass. Like Disney, Murano is a well-respected company who has partnered with Chamilia to produce unique beads. There are solid gold charms, as well as charms that combine both gold and silver. In the range of beads offered by this company there are all kinds of choices. The hard part is deciding which beads you want on which bracelet, as many buyers become avid collectors.

It is also worth mentioning that are also retired Chamilia beads. The best place to find out which of these beads have been retired is to go the Chamilia beads company website and read much more about it.